A drop of magic

A cut edge
sparkling through,
a drop of magic,
this perfect jewel.
No gold or silver
adorning you.
Just this magic drop,
sparkling through.

It's Never Over

Each tear drop glistening in the blink of an eye,
a drop of heart ache to save for all time.
Truth's far more hurtful than any white lie.
Love's more poetic than any old rhyme.

Each small smile shining with the hope of a day,
a moment of joyful nothing forever to save.
The magic inside that I am giving away,
compared with loving another there's nothing so brave.

Each breath of thumping lovers heartbeat,
a crescendo of what each kiss meant.
The dust of time gone by, crushed beneath my feet.
My days alone are far from spent.

The End

What's the use of trying
when trying never works?
What's the use of lying
when lying makes things worse?
What's the use in crying
when crying shows you're hurt?

It's times like these that you can see
some friendship is not so true.
It's times like these that you can feel
some people just done care.
It's times like these that you can hear
no-one is there to listen.

When all that hurt,
when all that loss,
when all that pain is gone.

Silence can no longer deafen
in the peace I lie.
No-one causes loneliness
in the peace I lie.
Coldness I'll no longer feel
in the peace I lie.

Standing on the edge of life,
preparing for the fall.


Memories should not be forgotten
or dragged up once again.
They remind you of the joy you had
or haunt you with sadness gone by.
Forgive but don't forget.
Remember but don't reminisce.
Collect but do not cry.
Life's too short to sit around and whisper
about what happened in the past.
Try to live with others beside you
and search to find the hope within yourself.
At last you'll see what's beyond the dark
can take as long as you or me,
can last as long as time,
as long as you remember.
Memories may be kept inside;
feelings you never knew you had.
Mysteries to those who seek
the secrets in your heart.

All for the want of a little hair dye

There was such a woman could be see as fair
if not be judged by things to wear.
Draped down her back her straw blonde hair
but at the top there is black root,
not upstaged by over knee boot.
You can tell she's used to cars that hoot.
Skirt hitched up high,
legs reach the sky,
many stares from passers by.
Long, blood red nails,
painted while riding the rails.
She's accustomed to no end of males.
Part of her occupation.
No thought of her final destination.
Her next man is waiting at the station.
Daintily she flicks off an end of ash,
blood shot eyes suggest it's hash.
I'm thinking now not fair but trash.
I wonder if she died today,
if she'd be left there where she lay,
if she has friends but those who pay?
How did such a girl end up here?
Losing all that she held dear.
Each night she sleeps with many a tear
in the corner of her eye.
She'll not tell what makes her cry.
And all for the want of a little hair dye.

New Year

The seconds tick by,
days, weeks, a month.
Moments to be savoured,
as each one flies so fast,
swooping, swallows singing
songs of days gone past.
Ebony tear trails may trickle
but tomorrow never dies.
Looking to the future,
tomorrow you start your life.
Seconds tick by,
your years on the clock.

All these words I couldn't say

So many things to tell you,
and now its finally time.
I’ve waited far too long to say
I can’t let time pass me by.
Each word I’ll say is true,
listen hard to every line.
In this game I’ve had to play
there've been tears shed for each lie.
The sadness and confusion,
the sweetness and the sighs.
Deceive yourself you can’t deceive me,
in your cold hearted illusion.
The truth is in your eyes.
Things can’t stay the way they are,
it’s all or nothing.
You’ve never really loved me,
I guess it’s over now.
I’ve been used and abused by you
so much it makes me cry.
All these words I couldn’t say.
Someone else will when I'm gone.

What a cliche

It was raining cats and dogs, coming down in buckets. When it rains it always pours. My head was hot enough to fry an egg on, despite the rain.

My father always told me that money can't buy you happiness but he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I have to work a little harder to make ends meet. I had an amazing new plan to bring home the bacon. After all, money doesn't grown on trees.

So I picked a few pockets and was laughing all the way to the bank. Nobody's perfect. It was a piece of cake, easy as pie.

I rushed home to the little woman. I'd never tried to pull the wool over her eyes and she never got bent out of shape about my career choice. I guess love is blind, even when you don't see eye to eye.

Spice Kitchen

Wafting of spices,
earths salts soaring on the air,
whetting taste buds.


Toes tapping and heels clicking we learnt our lesson. Spanish dancing with Latin footsteps. Spinning and sliding across terracotta tiles. Twisting and turning together. Sashaying, softly stepping, then stomping our feet. Hips shaking, fingers snapping, circling ever onwards.
Cold, wet, refreshing,
droplets dripping down the side.
Encased in plastic.

This is not a haiku

Tall pine trees waving,
tarmac footsteps echo loud,
white lines next to grass.

Ice Fire Steel

My blood is blue.
I am no royal.

I'm made of steel.

I bleed like you.

I can be broken.
I'm not a toy.

I am not dead.
I bleed like you.

I'm hard and soft.
I'm cold all over.
I am a snowstorm.

I am a fire.
I'll burn you quickly.

I'm made of steel.

I have a heart.
I have yours too.
I'll steal your breath
like you stole mine.

It's not a game.

The stab of steel.
The slice of ice.

I am the frost.
I crush.
I crunch.
I often kill.

You tore my soul.

The snow was melting.

I am not dead.
I am not frozen.
I can be broken
but not by you.