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Burning Chills

Through anguished nights I hear his cry
Broken hearts half mended lie
Still the whisper of shivering spine
Sending chills through ash and pine
Pulled through forces wise and old
Our non-fairy story forever told.

On That Bench

A whirlwind of emotions
so caught up in the sounds.
Spinning round in circles
we lift up to the clouds.

Swimming through the oceans
so careful not to drown,
wading through the water
the ripples circle round.

Spells of a magician
still sparkle in the air,
wands waving illusion,
no nightmares of despair.

Lost within the fortress
of greenery and leaves
but on that bench
we sit alone
lost within our dreams.

Dispersing Tension

Fingers flying over small square buttons,
sentences growing across glass pages,
quickly clickerty clacking towards end,
fragmented ideas run through puzzled mind,
white sheets sprayed with letters spurt from the box,
kerchink snaps the binding block trapping all.

Smoke spirals circling up to ceiling,
scents of lavender soar the surroundings,
relaxation born from curling tendrils,
while the amber tipped length glows fiercely
devouring each breath of burning powder,
settling dust signifies its ending.

Tomorrow's Yesterday / Ode to Deception

Soft sheets of snow slicing through the Sahara,
like a heat wave in the North Pole.
The radiant glow of each crystal rain drop,
outshining the summer sun.
Blue Sapphires sparkling in an orangey hue,
like a puddle of sunshine eating it’s rays.
Water trickling in a frozen stream,
like a dead man’s omens wrong.
Heart beats racing when all feeling’s gone,
as a butterfly with but one wing.
Whispering trees waving their stillness,
like the ecstasy of exploding silence.
Something forgotten but never gone,
like a memory of tomorrow.

The Blue Estuaries

Golden ripples cascading over cold shoulders.
Soft dark wool soaking up sun.
Pen in hand the words come,
Ink droplets erupt on the page.

Shining ripples toss side to side.
The clock ticks out half nine.
Gleaming dew blurs each windowpane.
Salt drops sprinkle on the page.

Blonde waves ripple as shoulders shake.
Silver tap drips out the time.
Red eyed rain on pink cheeks,
Trickling estuaries of a blank mind.

Nothing Inside

Claustrophobia in an empty mansion,
Heartache in your lover’s arms,
Mystery with all the answers,
A snowstorm on a summer’s morning.

The shouting of a distant whisper,
Hopelessness in children’s smiles,
Transparent emotions hidden within,
Suitcases full with nothing inside.

Heart Ache

Red circles where rain has fallen,
Fog drifts through the brain,
Illusion shattered like broken glass,
Each breath brings forth such pain.