Quitting Writing

I've considered quitting writing
but the words they just won't stop;
sometimes I just write nonsense
and it's a total flop.
Sometimes I get excited,
about the melodies words bring.
Then I often realise
they don't mean anything.

Valentine's Day Card

I fell in love, with you, my friend.
I fell in love but that's not the end.
You took my heart, and you tore it apart,
ripped it to shreds, until I was dead.
So I won't be sending a card this year,
because why do you deserve any cheer?

New Year Resolutions?

We're all resolved,
our plans are made
but as the cold draws on
hopes start to fade.

Thoughts of slimming and romance
turn to duvet days and fags,
the world outside rejected
in favour of sweeties in bags.
The gym is a distant memory,
replaced by cooking stodgy stews.

By the time Spring hits
we've forgotten our old views.

Resolutions are hidden
in the back of our minds,
we no longer care
about bettering out lives.

Until the year draws to an end
and we look at last years list,
we hang our head in shame
and ball the paper in our fist.

Then on new years day
we start over again,
preparing to get healthy,
to rescue ourselves from pain.

We dream of lots of good days,
knowing bed behaviour never pays,
and we prepare for the perpetual cycle
to start all over again.