Against expectations

The garish bride was upstaged by the simple silhouettes of the bridesmaids, whose usually death like complexions were transformed.


A drop of gold
on a burning candle,
locked away in a silken drawer
for eternity,
how long it may.

When past and present combine

Things seem to be just perfect,
like magic in the air.
The history of romance
re-written for a pair.
like a cloud,
old feelings come back to haunt you,
swirling you into a whirlwind,
where colours and faces merge.
Some things never fade.
When things change
you can't go back.
The confusion you'll find
once past and present combine.

The opposite of nothing,
too many feelings found.
A choice to be made
and kept for all time.
No going back on your word.

Lack of support

Always leaning forward,
never leaning back.
We strain to get closer,
forgetting to fear the attack.

By now we should know better
but passion always wins,
overtaking wisdom,
allowing us our sins.


Times have changed,
and times have past.
There's more to come
it's not the last.
Each hug,
each cry,
each shoulder took,
will fade away.
But the memory,
that's here to stay.

Mixed Emotions

A match lit from the heart,
the fire of midnight sparkles
glisten for an eternity,
or just the moment.
When the light burns out,
clarity remains.

I don't believe

I don't believe in happy endings.
I don't believe in hope.
I don't believe in love,
because I no longer believe in you.

My partner and me

I have been wrapped up tightly in black leather all day. They are supposed to be functional, comfortable even, but I want freedom. I cannot breathe, beads of perspiration gather in my crevices, I need air. The cotton cloaking between me and the leather does nothing to soften the rubbing against my delicate surface. Some stand on spindly towers but I'm flat to the ground. I've seen others sway sensually in sexy stilettos or totter dangerously in daring platforms, but I am plain in my cow skin, mock cow skin. The pillars above squash me down. A dull ache throughout. Hands get paid while I suffer, my partner and me. Backwards and forwards, absorbing the impact. I long for the luxury of warm water to soak in. Soft skin blisters, while the rough gets rougher. I should be caressed, massaged, but she won't allow it because she is too busy.

My Angel

Time flowed by,
I was alone,
nothing could touch
the truth inside.
Until what I saw one day
changed me.
Now I know
what you went through.
We'll be together until the very end
my friend.
You mean so much to me
but now apart we must be.
You've moved on
but I can't let go.
I'll hold onto the past,
to you,
hold onto the memories,
which will never die,
they'll remain with me
for as long as I shall be.

Happy Birthday

Soft lies are told while dead hearts crawl
through forest caves bejeweled.
The crackle as stick snap underfoot the flame,
scarred flesh buried where eyes cannot see.
An ecstasy of flowing salt
frozen like snow flakes and kept for eternity.
Bruised and broken within.

Struggling sheets of ice slip.
Branches pinned back.
Gasps of wind mocking silence
within the cave unheard.
Beating drums hasten as the scream is sliced short.
Chained to the celebration
on the day you were born.

Fire Drops

We watch and wait.
Unclear is our fate,
kept within the dark one's gate.
Our fire burns beyond his grate.
Within his heart, shines loving hate.

Sure as rain drops' shining dew,
in our secret place, I'll wait for you.

Forgiven not Forgotten

I thought I could forget,
I thought I didn't care,
I thought that he was gone
but I was unaware.

I thought that it as over,
I thought I didn't care,
I thought I didn't love him
but I was unaware.

I thought it was a game,
I thought I didn't care,
I thought my eyes were open
but I was unaware.

I thought I had moved on,
I thought I didn't care,
I thought it wasn't meant to be
but I was unaware.