Ice Fire Steel

My blood is blue.
I am no royal.

I'm made of steel.

I bleed like you.

I can be broken.
I'm not a toy.

I am not dead.
I bleed like you.

I'm hard and soft.
I'm cold all over.
I am a snowstorm.

I am a fire.
I'll burn you quickly.

I'm made of steel.

I have a heart.
I have yours too.
I'll steal your breath
like you stole mine.

It's not a game.

The stab of steel.
The slice of ice.

I am the frost.
I crush.
I crunch.
I often kill.

You tore my soul.

The snow was melting.

I am not dead.
I am not frozen.
I can be broken
but not by you.

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